Class: menu

LuCI.ui. menu

Handles menus.

Handle menu.



Flush the internal menu cache to force loading a new structure on the next page load.


Name Type Description
node optional

The menu node to retrieve the children for. Defaults to the menu's internal root node if omitted.

Type Description
Array.<> Returns an array of child menu nodes.

Load and cache current menu tree.

Type Description
Promise.<> Returns a promise resolving to the root element of the menu tree.

Type Definitions

Name Type Argument Description
name string

The internal name of the node, as used in the URL

order number

The sort index of the menu node

title string <optional>

The title of the menu node, null if the node should be hidden

boolean satisfied

Boolean indicating whether the menu entries dependencies are satisfied

boolean readonly <optional>

Boolean indicating whether the menu entries underlying ACLs are readonly

children Array.<> <optional>

Array of child menu nodes.