Class: poll

LuCI.request. poll

The Request.poll class provides some convince wrappers around LuCI.poll mainly to simplify registering repeating HTTP request calls as polling functions.

new LuCI.request.poll()



Alias for

add(interval, url, options, callback){function}

Register a repeating HTTP request with an optional callback to invoke whenever a response for the request is received.

Name Type Description
interval number

The poll interval in seconds.

url string

The URL to request on each poll.

options LuCI.request.RequestOptions optional

Additional options to configure the request.

callback LuCI.request.poll~callbackFn optional

Callback function to invoke for each HTTP reply.


Throws TypeError when an invalid interval was passed.

Type Description
function Returns the internally created poll function.


Remove a polling request that has been previously added using add(). This function is essentially a wrapper around LuCI.poll.remove().

Name Type Description
entry function

The poll function returned by add().

Type Description
boolean Returns true if any function has been removed, else false.


Alias for LuCI.poll.start().


Alias for LuCI.poll.stop().

Type Definitions

callbackFn(res, data, duration)

The callback function is invoked whenever an HTTP reply to a polled request is received or when the polled request timed out.

Name Type Description
res LuCI.response

The HTTP response object.

data *

The response JSON if the response could be parsed as such, else null.

duration number

The total duration of the request in milliseconds.