Class: AbstractElement

LuCI.form. AbstractElement

The AbstractElement class serves as abstract base for the different form elements implemented by LuCI.form. It provides the common logic for loading and rendering values, for nesting elements and for defining common properties.

This class is private and not directly accessible by user code.

new LuCI.form.AbstractElement()



Add another form element as children to this element.

Name Type Description
obj AbstractElement

The form element to add.


Parse this elements form input.

The parse() function recursively walks the form element tree and triggers input value reading and validation for each encountered element.

Elements which are hidden due to unsatisfied dependencies are skipped.

Type Description
Promise.<void> Returns a promise resolving once this element's value and the values of all child elements have been parsed. The returned promise is rejected if any parsed values are not meeting the validation constraints of their respective elements.


Render the form element.

The render() function recursively walks the form element tree and renders the markup for each element, returning the assembled DOM tree.

Type Description
Node | Promise.<Node> May return a DOM Node or a promise resolving to a DOM node containing the form element's markup, including the markup of any child elements.


Strip any HTML tags from the given input string.

Name Type Description
s string

The input string to clean.

Type Description
string The cleaned input string with HTML tags removed.

titleFn(property, fmt_args){string|null}

Format the given named property as title string.

This function looks up the given named property and formats its value suitable for use as element caption or description string. It also strips any HTML tags from the result.

If the property value is a string, it is passed to String.format() along with any additional parameters passed to titleFn().

If the property value is a function, it is invoked with any additional titleFn() parameters as arguments and the obtained return value is converted to a string.

In all other cases, null is returned.

Name Type Description
property string

The name of the element property to use.

fmt_args * repeatable

Extra values to format the title string with.

Type Description
string | null The formatted title string or null if the property did not exist or was neither a string nor a function.