Class nixio.CHANGELOG

Changes and improvements.


0.2 Initial Release.
0.3 Service Release.


Initial Release.
  • Initial Release
Service Release.
  • Added getifaddrs() function.
  • Added getsockopt(), setsockopt(), getsockname() and getpeername() directly to TLS-socket objects unifying the socket interface.
  • Added support for CyaSSL as cryptographical backend.
  • Added support for x509 certificates in DER format.
  • Added support for splice() in UnifiedIO.copyz().
  • Added interface to inject chunks into UnifiedIO.linesource() buffer.
  • Changed TLS behaviour to explicitly separate servers and clients.
  • Fixed usage of signed datatype breaking Base64 decoding.
  • Fixed namespace clashes for nixio.fs.
  • Fixed splice() support for some exotic C libraries.
  • Reconfigure axTLS cryptographical provider and mark it as obsolete.

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